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  1. Sunny was a crucial and cherished partner in caring for my Mom during her journey with Alzheimer’s. Sunny is a gentle soul who has an innate compassion for others and radiates light and positive energy. She quickly developed a close rapport and relationship with my Mom, giving her a sense of freedom and companionship along with structure and purpose throughout her days. Sunny exceeded my expectations in every way because she understands that the small things are the big things and made my Mom feel seen and valued.

    My husband and I routinely worked from home and often heard them laughing as they had extended conversations and shared family stories and history together while doing daily exercises, enjoying a cup of tea or playing a game. It warmed my heart and gave me peace of mind knowing that my Mom had a care taker who took a genuine and vested interest in her overall well being and valued caring for her spirit as much as her physical health. Sunny’s patience and empathy and reliability were instrumental for maintaining my Mom’s continuity of care. It was an honor and privilege having Sunny in our home.

  2. In the Fall of 2022 we had the need for part-time homecare (twice per day) for my mother. Life Choice Home Care was a rare company that was able to staff this type of shift. As time went on the staffing need changed, eventually requiring 24-hour care. Amelissa Lagrosa cheerily worked with us to schedule a team of wonderful care givers who dedicated themselves to my mother’s comfort. We are thankful for the Life Choice Homecare team who supported my mother and our entire family.

  3. Kate took care of my husband after he returned from the hospital after having a stroke. She was terrific! She went over and above what was expected of her. My husband and Kate got along really well. She would encourage and help him while doing his exercises. You would hear them laugh while telling each other stories. We both liked her a lot. Just having Kate at the house, gave me a sense of security. I could go out and know he was in good hands. She was reliable, dependable and was there when you needed her. I would highly recommend her to anyone I met.

  4. My 92 yr old father had dementia. He lived in an Assisted Living facility but when COVID broke out he returned home. We rotated through several agencies and many caregivers. Then we stumbled upon Amelissa and her agency. They were heaven sent. If there were issues, the owners would visit the house and work with us. They helped Dad to get over some difficulties. They were always available; to answer the phone and make a home visit which was a great comfort for us. The home health care providers were two brothers; Lloyd and Chris. The dream team! They were very engaging with my father. We’d play dominos, puzzles, exercise, and other dementia relayed engagement tools. They were loving, kind and respectful. The last year of my Dad’s life was beautiful and peaceful because of the care that these two amazing brothers. My father fell asleep and didn’t wake up. We should all be so lucky. We will be forever grateful to LCHC, Amelissa, Chris and Lloyd.

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